Great Links for Parents from @PrincipalBerry 5-22-12


Video Interlude: Teachers “Dance Bomb” Students

@MindShiftKQED: What schools can learn from summer camps.

@MindShiftKQED: Why we should never fear failure: an inspiring #TED talk by inventor Regina Dugan.

@FastCompany: Watch: What Happens When You Send An Email? (A trip through Google’s data centers) via @FastCoExist

@natgeowild: From wintry treetops, Great Grey Owls can hear a teeny tiny vole digging underneath the snow: #UntamedAmericas

Goal-Setting Video From The Youngest Person To Climb Everest

15 Secrets of the Most Successful Self-Learners

Find facts and do research inside Google Documents

PBS Parents: How To Help Children With Science Fair Projects Without Doing It For Them

If School Was More Like Swimming

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