Links I Shared With Staff This Week 5-7-12


Improve Your Powers of Observation by Taking Field Notes Like a Scientist

Are You a Teacher-Leader?

Do Schools Begin Too Early?

This Is A Great Passage For Learning How To Make Change

A to Z Web Tools: O

IEP season is upon us!

Autism Resources for Parents and Educators

A better name than 21st Century Skills?

Google Docs updates – 450 new fonts, 60 new templates, image insert options, and more

Nine Shel Silverstein Stories Animated

What Are The Right Things To Measure?

What Tech in Schools Really Looks Like — The Digital Shift

Fluency Timer Now Available for iPads/iPod Touches

Common Misconceptions of Educators Who Fear Technology

@markbrumley: Assessment tips for tech integration. #cpchat #edchat

@TEDNews: Episode 2 of #TEDRadioHour is live! Listen now on #TED

@MindShiftKQED: Are we wringing the creativity out of kids? “We have to expand our notion of what productivity means.”

@HarvardBiz: Overcome Your Work Addiction

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