Themeefy As a Staff Development Resource

I was recently introduced to Themeefy via Larry Ferlazzo’s Website of the Day .  This is one of thousands of things that @LarryFerlazzo has peaked my interest with.  I got to thinking about how I might be able to start using tools like Themeefy in my role as an administrator.  I’m always looking for ways to share the thousands of links and resources that I encounter in a week and find it challenging to catalog things in a way that are easily accessible to everyone, no matter their comfort with tech and PLNs.

Here’s the video outlining Themeefy .  What the video doesn’t show, is that there is also a library of Themeefy “Mags” put together by other members of the site.  There are several topics that are listed, ranging through many different concepts.  Here’s an example of a Themeefy Mag that is already present in the library and how you can embed it:

 Embedded as a miniature book

As a book

It also offers you links to share (Tiny URL or direct URL or easily Tweet or add to Facebook.

Here’s a sample Mag that I started for Positive Approaches to Behavior Management.  It’s not a finished product, but you get the idea.  I think this tool would be fantastic to gather information about educational topics not only as an professional development tool for staff, but also in exposing community, parents and school board members to the basics of topics that schools are working with.  I’m definitely not done playing with this one.  I’m already thinking about how to gather information and post these as a resource on our school website!?

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