Kindergarten Mentor Texts and Conferring With Young Writers #tcrwp #edchat #podcast

In our final episode of this series featuring The Art of Conferring I visited a Kindergarten classroom…which is just a blast in itself!  It was interesting to do this series about conferring in a writer’s workshop on many levels, but probably the most interesting thing for me was that each classroom, each grade level, each educator brought something different to the table in terms of thinking about conferring.  In this case, I was able to see the connections between mentor texts, mini-lessons and the conferring sessions.  It’s been a blast and I can’t wait to dig into the next topic…once I figure out what that is!

Student Poets, Drumming, Dancing and Smiles #nationalpoetrymonth

Starting to plug back in at the end of a week of vacation.  As I’m organizing my to do lists, and recovering emails from less than five days ago that seem years old, I thought it would be a good idea to start off with some fun stuff!  So I fired up the podcast machine and got back into celebrating the greatness that is our school and our students!

This episode features some students and their original poetry.  If you listen carefully you’ll learn a lot about each poet…what they value, what they are thinking about…and you’ll hear how brave they were to share their pieces with me and with you.

The second half of the podcast features straight audio from our amazing artists in residence, Jeh Kulu and I think it speaks for itself.

Conferring in a First Grade Writer’s Workshop #tcrwp

IMG_5248 (1)

I’ve been on a journey exploring the art of conferring in a writer’s workshop model.  It’s been amazing in so many ways. I think I’ve enjoyed it so much because conferring is deeply routed in our abilities as educators to connect to our learners.  The classrooms I’ve visited have all showcased different powerful ways to do that.  This episode features Tamara Pack (@tamara_pack) from Jericho Elementary School.  Using a simple “Glow On, Grow On” document Tamara showed me how she is able to support scholars in their writing through some very simple organizational strategies.  I’m very appreciative of the time and energy Tamara and her scholars allowed me to join.  Thank you!

The Best Part Of My Day Is When I Get To Share Someone’s Best Moment

This morning I heard a story about one of our preschoolers.  Recently he shared that “Someday I will have a birthday party”, so TODAY was the DAY for his first Birthday party with friends!  I received an invitation and a guest I.D. (sticker):

IMG_5318 IMG_5320

Once I entered the room the singing started:

Then the celebration and appreciation of our friend continued!


Thank you for letting me share in your special day.


The Power of Podcasting In Your School District

I recently had the chance to chat with Jeff Bradbury (@TeacherCast) to share some of our work in podcasting this year.  Awesome experience and it has led to many connections with educators all around the education world.  Awesome experience and I really appreciate the opportunity.

Here’s a link to the summary, links, video and audio of the podcast.