Student Vlog 015 w/an Awesome Ending

Here’s the next student vlog.  Don’t worry…I’m not going to re-tell you how awesome the experience of doing these student vlogs is, or how it’s allowing us to know our students better than ever before, or that it’s increased confidence and storytelling abilities, that it’s furthered connections and pride, that student voice is super important and a big part of our jobs…no I’m not going to tell you any of that.  Instead, I’m just going to tell you to watch the end the video…cause it’s awesome!

What do Mike Mulligan and Chewbacca have in common?

What do Mike Mulligan and Chewbacca have in common?  I dressed as both of them at some point today…that might be about it.
Today was the final day of the week long Dress Mr. Berry Like a Book Character celebration.  Having the whole week to look back on and reflect I can say with honesty that there was a lot more benefit to this celebration than I originally anticipated…and I way, WAY underestimated how into this celebration the students were.  They were super into it…including the scholar that brought the Chewbacca mask I wore in especially for me to use.  Along with just having fun, which has it’s own benefits, I was able to read to students, celebrate books, discuss stories and their characters, share ideas, joke, celebrate and much more.  It was an amazing week…having said that, I’m excited to avoid midday costume changes for a bit!

It’s Virtually Reality!? #googleexpeditions

Thanks to @tndvt and@darcierankin, along with the help of @cesutechk8, we were able to host Google Expeditions at our school. Scholars in elementary and middle school grades walked into the room, saw these innocent enough devices sitting on the table…and young or old…they all reacted the same way the first time they put them up to their eyes…with pure wonderment.
I’ve been reading about these devices and have tried them out myself many times, but it’s still an awesome experience to be in the room when you get that audible gasp from the whole room as Everest looms in front of the scholars.  It made me think a lot about how we can make opportunities like this more than just a once a year experience for our students.  Maybe that starts with small steps, or large.  Either way it’s time to figure it out.

An Elephant, a Princess and a Pig Walk Into The Classroom…

Well days three and four of the Dress Mr. Berry Like a Book Character Week have come and gone…and they were awesome…minus the very uncomfortable pig nose…that I could have done without.  I’ve sincerely enjoyed being able to celebrate great books and characters with kids all this week.  It’s definitely been a highlight in so many ways.  It’s funny how it really is sometimes the simplest things that have the biggest impact.  There must be a lesson in that somewhere?!

Thank You Jeanne (AKA @Hondapilot) and Jen (#therealjenwest)

Today is Administrative Assistant Day…in case you didn’t know.  I am lucky enough to work with two of the most amazing people I’ve ever encountered, Jeanne Adams and Jen West.  These two organize the world and do more for our school than anyone will ever know.  They don’t ask for thanks, don’t slow down, work above and beyond every time and even laugh and smile the whole way through!  Lots and lots of laughing!!!
For that I am extremely grateful and incredibly lucky.  Thank you Jeanne and Jen.

I’m the Elephant in the Room!

Day two of dress Mr. Berry Like a Book Character Week has come and gone…and it was awesome!  Today I had the chance to show off my homemade costuming skills with this great plug for North Face and awesome likeness of Gerald the Elephant!   There’s all the obvious awesomeness of a week like this where you get to promote reading, author’s craft and all that good stuff…and then there’s the strangely liberating awesomeness of walking around with an elephant tail all day.

Today @IamPinkalicious…or I Was Pinkalicious Today…Or Something Like That

I knew before last week’s vacation that I was going to have a week of dressing as a book character as part of our school-wide celebration of our amazing scholars.  Our students vote on celebrations they’d like to do as a whole school…Dress Mr. Berry seemed to be fairly popular!  The only stipulation I added was that it should be a book character.  Little did I know just how creative our scholars would be in their selection of said book characters.  Needless to say it was an awesome day and I’m looking forward to the rest of the week!  I think I have two consecutive days of dressing like an elephant!  How can that be a bad thing!?!?